DPS SchoolChoice enrollment for the 2022-23 school year is open

招收ment for the 2022-23 school is open. Choose 努力准备 for your child’s quality education right here in your community. Whether joining us in elementary, middle or high school, 努力准备 welcomes every student to define a future of possibilities, regardless of their background or academic past. 100% of 努力准备 seniors graduate with a post-secondary plan.

Talk with someone at the school who can answer your questions, complete the form below and someone will get back to you or 现在招收. 


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Explore online: Visit 我的学校 p年龄 to learn more about which of our neighborhood schools is closest to your family!


All 努力准备 campuses host student shadow dates, open houses and other events. 访问你 school of choice’s webp年龄 for additional information. In-person visits may be impacted by COVID-19. 



参观 DPS SchoolChoice website 网上申请. If you do not have an account with DPS SchoolChoice, you will need to create one when you visit the site.


At 努力准备, students:

  • Explore their creativity and curiosity
  • Think critically and collaboratively
  • Are supported socially, emotionally and academically every day
  • Use their voices and hard work to change the world now and in the future


At  努力准备 your child will discover the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in college and in life, both today and tomorrow, so they can making lasting impacts in their communities and change the world around them.


Regardless of their academic past, all students are welcome at 努力准备 where they receive a free, high-quality education right in their own neighborhood.

努力准备’s student population is 14 percent students with special needs, more than the district aver年龄.


努力准备 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, 性别, 性取向, 性别 identity or expression, 变性人身份, 宗教, 国家的起源, immigration/citizenship status, 祖先, 年龄, 婚姻状况, 怀孕状态, 资深地位, 残疾, genetic information, or any other basis on which discrimination is prohibited by law.

努力准备 serves students with disabilities and multilingual learners and provides services to students as required by state and federal law. 

  • 努力准备 participates in the Denver Public 学校 SchoolChoice system and we encour年龄 all students to participate in the choice program. 
  • As a charter school, 努力准备, follows the process and timelines set by the DPS Transitions team for student enrollment. We encour年龄 all interested students to contact us. 

For more information 点击这里.

努力准备 has 10 schools

serving grades K-12 throughout Far Northeast, Northwest and Southwest Denver.

Learn more about individual schools by selecting a school on the map below.